BCN Unveils New Technology Enhancements and White Glove Installation for POTS Over LTE Solution

December 6, 2023

Morristown, NJ, December 6, 2023– BCN, a New Jersey-based communications technology solution provider focused on multi-location businesses announces significant enhancements to its POTS Over LTE offering. The company’s commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional value is evident with the introduction of new primary and secondary connectivity options within the standard offering. These options come at no additional cost to the customer, showcasing BCN’s dedication to providing unparalleled connectivity solutions.

With this announcement, the enhanced POTS Over LTE solution now leverages the power of wireless LTE connectivity through dual SIM cards as a standard primary connection. Utilizing the two premier nationwide wireless network providers ensures maximum coverage and reliability, offering customers unparalleled peace of mind.

Additionally, customers now have the option to seamlessly integrate a plug and play wired or Wi-Fi second connection. These second connection options enable the BCN POTS Over LTE solution’s embedded SD-WAN technology, resulting in greater reliability, control, connectivity, and call quality.

“We are excited to introduce these technology enhancements to our POTS Over LTE solution. Clearly, we are raising the bar of the technology stack, by embedding SD-WAN into our standard solution, and doing so at no additional cost,” said Julian Jacquez, President, and COO of BCN. “Our goal is to go well beyond just replacing traditional copper POTS lines by offering a solution that actually exceeds the customer’s previous user experience,” he added.

Completing these enhancements is BCN’s exclusive white glove installation service for the POTS Over LTE solution. This premium service ensures a seamless and hassle-free deployment, with a customized, comprehensive post-install report that ensures transparency and accountability. The report captures photographs of key installation steps and successful test calls to provide a clear understanding of the implemented solution and improve the customer’s experience.

“It's clear that BCN is committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions that align with the ever-changing needs of their customers. These new connectivity enhancements to their POTS Over LTE solution underscore their dedication to meeting those needs,” said Jake Jacoby, CEO of TELCLOUD, and a visionary in the POTS Over LTE market segment. “They understand that the success of their customers depends on the reliability of their solutions. The introduction of the white glove installation service is yet another testament to their dedication to providing a superior customer experience,” he added.

About BCN

BCN is a closely held and operated communications technology solutions provider with the flexibility and experience to address every customer need uniquely, creating tailored solutions based on the portfolios of over 100 wholesale network and technology partners. In addition, BCN provides customers with one monthly invoice for all services and a state-of-the-art portal to manage their BCN business.

For over 29 years, BCN has delivered best-in-class solutions domestically and internationally to business customers. For more information, please call us at 888.866.7266 or email us at [email protected].


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